Leelee Sobieski developed such a huge crush on her 88 MINUTES co-star Al Pacino, she asked her own father for advice.
The 24-year-old didn't develop her attraction until she and Pacino - 43 years her senior - returned to the film's Vancouver, Canada set to reshoot scenes.
She explains, "We went back for reshoots, and I started looking at him all of a sudden as this powerful, masculine, testosterone-filled iconic man.
"I went back to my trailer and called my father, who lives in France."
But her dad didn't provide any help.
Sobieski adds, "I said, 'Papa, Pacino is all of a sudden so sexy to me. There's an age difference, and I'm not comfortable with it.'
"But he said, 'No dear, this is a great thing, a beautiful thing. It gives me hope.'"