Rapper 50 CENT was showered in urine during his ill-fated performance at Britain's Reading Festival last night (29AUG04) - when crowd members threw their waste at him.

The IN DA CLUB star prematurely stormed off stage following relentless boos from crowd members and an endless stream of plastic water bottles directed at him.

But some festival-goers took their disapproval of his presence one step further - by filling up empty bottles with their urine and launching them at him.

One spectator says, "The amount of bottles aimed at him was phenomenal. I've never seen anything like it. As soon as he walked onstage, people started booing and hurling bottles filled with water at him.

"Some people relieved themselves in their empty bottles and threw them at him. It was like a battle. They wanted him off - and they won."

30/08/2004 21:07