Wacky BLUE singer Lee Ryan claims to have uncovered the secret behind DAVID BLAINE's death-defying starvation stunt ABOVE THE BELOW, the illusionist is an alien.

American Blaine last night (19OCT03) emerged from his self-imposed exile, after spending 44 days suspended above London's RIVER THAMES in a glass box without food - but Ryan is convinced the 30-year-old survived the stunt because he's really an extra terrestrial.

Lee, who once declared he like to have sex with an alien, says, "I think he's an alien. Sorry I've gotta say this, I know I've got a thing about aliens, but I think he's an alien."

Meanwhile, Lee's bandmate Duncan James, was more concerned with the magician's personal hygiene, saying, "He must smell, because he hasn't had a bath or washed for 44 days."

20/10/2003 17:23