Former Blue singer Lee Ryan attacked a taxi driver by punching him in the head on New Year's Eve, a court heard today.

The 25-year-old is accused of assaulting Naeem Ibrahim in Surrey last year after the singer's fiancee drove into the back of the cab driver's vehicle on Westerham Road, Oxted.

Mr Ryan, who denies the charges, was reportedly on his way to a party at the time of the incident, which has been described as a 'road rage' attack.

An argument is said to have ensued between the two men, which culminated in Mr Ryan striking Mr Ibrahim three times.

Redhill magistrates' court heard that Ryan was a passenger in his fiancee Samantha Miller's Ford Ka when it collided with the back of Mr Ibrahim's people carrier, which was transporting a couple and their son at the time.

Mr Ibrahim told the court he exited his after feeling a "shake" from behind. He told the court Ryan also got out and when he asked him for the drivers' details he "ignored me like I wasn't there".

He explained he noticed damage had been caused to the rear of his vehicle but says Ryan claimed there was none.

He added: "I said the insurance company would deal with it but he said 'I am not going to pay for it'. I said if that is the case I will have to call the police. He said "I don't care a damn s***."

Mr Ibrahim said he was trying to talk to the driver of the Ka when the alleged attack happened.

"I was explaining that as soon as I got the details I can go or I will have to call the police. He just ignored me and while I was writing I was punched."

The case had been delayed because Mr Ibrahim was in India and was
unable to attend.

23/06/2008 16:54:29