BLUE singer Lee Ryan faces paying double on his car insurance following his arrest for drink-driving - pushing his premium up to a whopping $57,600 (GBP36,000) a year.

The ALL RISE star, 20, faces a one year driving ban after police found him to be twice over the legal limit when they stopped him in the early hours of Monday morning (10AUG03). He'll now have to pay out half the value of his $99,200 (GBP62,000) PORSCHE 911 CARRERA per year if he wants to continue driving.

EMMA HOYLER, from Britain's DIRECT LINE insurers, comments, "On a pop star, we would not insure a Porsche unless they were aged over 25. He may have to go to a specialist firm which deals with high performance banned drivers.

"We reckon he could be paying at least GBP36,000 - he could get a chauffeur for a year for that."

13/08/2003 13:59