LATEST: Shamed BLUE singer Lee Ryan was thrown out of a London nightclub for being drunk - just hours before he was arrested for drink driving.

According to British tabloid the DAILY MIRROR, the 20-year-old singer knocked back glasses of JACK DANIEL'S bourbon and coke, and staggered around BROWN'S nightclub in Covent Garden upsetting other guests after arriving at 11pm on Sunday night (10AUG03).

After attempts to calm him failed, Ryan was thrown out at 1.30am before trying to start a fight with a doorman - and then fleeing in his $96,000 (GBP60,000) blue PORSCHE CARRERA sportscar.

Two-and-a-half hours later he was stopped by police crossing the RIVER THAMES at TOWER BRIDGE and failed a breathe test, which showed him to have twice the legal amount of alcohol in his system.

A source at Brown's nightclub says of the earlier incident, "Lee is the first person we've chucked out in over five years. He was behaving like an absolute animal. He was drunk and abusive. We were as patient as possible but, in the end, his behaviour was making the other guests uncomfortable.

"His behaviour was disgraceful and certainly not something you would expect from a pop star who is looked up to by kids across the country."

The singer was charged with driving with excessive alcohol and will face magistrates next Friday (22AUG03).

12/08/2003 17:32