The father of BLUE star Lee Ryan confiscated the singer's PORSCHE sports car after his arrest for drink driving.

Fireman JOHN was horrified when Ryan was found guilty of driving his high-powered vehicle in London in August (03) with twice the legal alcohol limit in his blood - and is making sure the ALL RISE singer can't get his hands on the car until his 18 month ban has been served.

He says, "When I first heard I was very upset and very disappointed in him just like any father would be. I'm a firefighter so I've seen the effects of drink-driving first hand and they're not pleasant.

"I sat down with Lee and told him that he was lucky he hadn't killed anyone. He knows he did wrong and told me he was sorry. He was quick to apologise to everyone else in the family as well.

"He's been punished and I'm sure he'll learn from it. The Porsche is in my garage for safe keeping at the moment and I'm sure he will be more responsible when he can drive it again."

28/10/2003 14:16