Angry BLUE singer Lee Ryan has filed a complaint against police for releasing his home address, following his arrest for drink driving.

The ALL RISE boyband star claims cops breached his confidentiality, prompting his solicitors to demand an explanation from London police chief SIR JOHN STEVENS as to why the details were made public.

Ryan - who was arrested in the British capital last August (03) when a breath test proved he was driving over the legal limit - is even contemplating suing the force.

A source says, "It's a messy business. He had no problem with Scotland Yard (London police headquarters) confirming his arrest, but when his address was given out he quite rightly thought he had been wronged.

"Lee recognises he's in the public eye, but doesn't need aggravation caused by the police. It was out of order and the police should accept they were wrong."

The singer's spokesman Simon Jones confirms, "His details were given out and he wasn't very happy about it. He wants an apology."

08/04/2004 02:32