British BLUE stars Lee Ryan and Duncan James narrowly avoided being arrested after a row with French airport security officials.

The ALL RISE singers were due to catch a plane at Paris' Charles De Gaulle airport on Wednesday (27OCT04) when an argument broke out with security staff over a security scanner after the pair set the alarm off.

An onlooker recalls, "Duncan took his belt off and went through the scanner again. Then Lee told the humourless security men his baggy trousers would fall down if he took his belt off, but they ordered him to do it, so he did. And his trousers slipped down to his knees."

Matters took a turn for the worse when the officials ordered them to remove their boots and go back through the scanner.

The source continues, "Duncan had had enough by then so he shouted at them, 'This is f**king ridiculous.'

"The security team took this very badly, confiscated their passports and called the police. Duncan told Lee to sit down while he sorted it out. The police said if he didn't say sorry they'd be arrested and taken to the police station.

"So Duncan relented - he didn't want them to miss their flight. Then one of the security guys said he wanted his apology in writing. It was outrageous and a total farce."

29/10/2004 14:23