BLUE star Lee Ryan's wacky comments in interviews always have ex-lover LIZ McCLARNON laughing - because she knows the hunky singer can't help himself.

The Atomic Kitten babe was one of many readers to have a chuckle at Lee's revelations, one of which had him confessing a passion for aliens.

But unlike those who are unfamiliar with the ALL RISE star's real personality, Liz knows it is all part of his charm.

She laughs, "It does make me and the girls laugh because he's just like that."

However, bandmates Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost are not as forgiving as kindly Liz.

Natasha spits, "He should grow up. At the end of the day, he's a young lad and we all make mistakes. I feel sorry for him"

Jenny adds, "We just sing, 'Oops...he did it again.'"

28/10/2003 21:12