Lee Pace has dated men and women.

The 'Hobbit' star has revealed he's fooled around with both sexes in the past and thinks it's important that gay actors are cast in gay roles - but he doesn't identity with any sexual orientation and doesn't think anyone should care about his sexuality.

Speaking to W magazine, he said: ''Our understanding of what it means to be gay is just so different. It's culturally different. It's just so much further down the road. It's an interesting thing for me to think about in this moment while working on this play '[Angels in America']. I've dated men. I've dated women.

''I don't know why anyone would care. I'm an actor and I play roles. To be honest, I don't know what to say -- I find your question intrusive.''

Although the 38-year-old actor was somewhat reluctant to talk about his own sexuality, he had no issues expressing how important plays like 'Angels in America' - which details the AIDS crisis during the mid-eighties - are in today's society.

He said: ''That's more than reason to do this again now. Those dark politics of Roy Cohn; here we are with [Cohn's protege] Donald Trump as president -- that's the New York that Tony's writing about in '85. Gosh, you read the press about Donald Trump then, that was written at the time. It's the same city that I'm wandering around right now, the same place, but it's 30 years on now.''

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time Lee has remained tight-lipped on his personal life.

Speaking in 2014, he said: ''Who cares about people's personal lives? I mean, honestly. How are you then able to disappear into a role? Trust me, if I had something interesting to say about myself, I would.

''To be honest, the characters I play are revealing enough.''