LATEST: Singing legend LIZA MINNELLI sold her late father's Beverly Hills, California, estate with her elderly stepmother still inside the mansion.

The CABARET star completed the $3.5 million (GBP1.9 million) sale earlier this month (FEB06) after years of legal battles with stepmother Lee Minnelli.

Lee Minnelli, 98, was married to Liza's director father Vincente Minnelli from 1980 until his July 1986 death from Alzheimer's Disease. In Vincente's will, he left the 522 square-meter (5,800 square-foot) mansion to Liza, with the stipulation Lee would be allowed to live in it until her death.

In 2002, Lee sued Liza for abuse of the elderly and breach of contract after the house was put up for sale.

Despite the sale, Lee will continue to live in the house and the new owners will have to wait until her death before they can move in.

Real estate agent Sheila Rose told the Los Angeles Time newspaper, "She still lives there. Liza inherited the house with Lee, now 98, in it.

"(The buyers will) eventually move in and refurbish the house for themselves."