Former THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN star Lee Majors has been spreading festive cheer in Los Angeles - helping a woman with her dry cleaning and buying breakfast for a homeless man.
The actor reportedly spotted a woman struggling with armfuls of clothes outside a post office in Beverly Hills and he stepped in to help.
A source tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, "Lee immediately grabbed the clothes and put them neatly on the back seat, telling her, 'Don't hang them from the hooks. They block your vision.'"
And after carrying out one good deed, the star found someone else in need of his help.
The source adds, "Then, while walking back to his Jaguar, he spotted a homeless man in front of the BeverLiz Cafe, went up to him and said, 'Breakfast's on me, pal!' He ordered the gent a California omelette with turkey bacon and OJ."