Lee DeWyze has finally opened up about his feud with the 'American Idol' producer Nigel Lythgoe over the shows' finale last week. Lee Dewyze was the winner of the ninth series of the show.
After having not been asked to perform at the Wednesday night (25 May 2011) finale, but been asked to present the trophy to winner Scotty MCCreery, DeWyze had declined. In response, Nigel Lythgoe began a tweet war between the two. At one point even DeWyze's brother got involved, calling Lythgoe a 'scumbag'. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, DeWyze stated: ''I can't say there's anything that's made me want to go have a drink with the guy'. He further said: 'I didn't know the details of it, but I know I didn't need a consolation. I didn't want them to throw me a bone because I didn't perform, but besides that, in my mind, there was no reason for a past contestant to be onstage as the new Idol is crowned. It's not the passing of the torch.'
However, DeWyze is hopeful for reconciliation: 'Who knows? Maybe I'll run into him sometime and it will be a handshake and a hello'. Lee Dewyze is currently preparing to start his first US headline tour next month.