The record company chiefs filed suit against Twentieth Century Fox Television bosses last year (15), amid allegations the show's storyline, which documents the drama surrounding the fictional Empire Records, is tarnishing their brand.

They alleged lead actor Terrence Howard's character Lucious Lyon, the head of TV's Empire Records, was a "homophobic drug dealer prone to murdering his friends", and claimed the portrayal was having a negative affect on their business.

The plaintiffs, who have previously worked with the likes of rappers Kendrick Lamar, Sean Paul and N.O.R.E., demanded network officials hand over $8 million (£5.48 million) in compensation, while they also sought to have their artists featured as regulars on the show in exchange for letting TV bosses keep the Empire name.

Fox bosses refused to bow to the demands and asked to have the legal issue dismissed, and on Monday (01Feb16), U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson ruled in their favour, insisting, "Empire Distribution has failed to establish that there is a genuine issue of material fact as to consumer confusion".

As a result, TV chiefs have been allowed to continue using the Empire title as they prepare to launch season two later this year (16).