Three South Korean stars are urging the Hong Kong government to release 14 protesters who were arrested at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting last month (DEC05).

Soap star LEE YOUNG-AE and fellow actors Lee Byung-heon and AHN SEONG-GI joined the petition to release the protestors, 12 of whom have gone on an indefinite hunger strike.

The petition reads: "Workers, peasants and many members of Korean society are suffering from the shadows of globalisation.

"We sincerely ask the Hong Kong authorities and police to take into consideration their (the protesters') lives that are at the brink of survival and their suffering in Hong Kong, and that you allow them to return to Korea and their families as soon as possible."

The arrests happened when protestors became violent outside the WTO meeting venue on 17 December (06).

More than 1000 riot police had to stave off attacks from campaigners during a 14 hour stand-off.