A vicar in Wales is pleading with Led Zeppelin fans to stop visiting his cottage - because he wants to enjoy some privacy at singer Robert Plant's former holiday home. The Bron-yr-Aur residence was used by the Plant family during the 1950s while the frontman and bandmate Jimmy Page wrote their third album Led Zeppelin III in 1970 there - and the rock duo even named a song after the cottage. But the Reverend John Dale, who has owned the legendary building for 35 years, hopes fans will respect his privacy and refrain from making destructive pilgrimages to the house. He says, "We've had more than one break-in and once a photograph was taken near the fireplace and posted on the web. There have been other incidents too, with one quite amusing one where someone removed a piece of cement stuff from the house but later posted it back to us. "On the whole people are fine: they walk up and take a photo and go, but I don't want hundreds coming up here. It is a beautiful place, but people must remember that it is a private house surrounded by private farmland."