A leading promoter has hinted that a high-profile rock band is set to reform during 2009.

In the wake of recent stories that Led Zeppelin are to tour – with or without frontman Robert Plant - promoter Rob Hallett has claimed another legendary reunion "isn't a million miles away".

Speaking to BBC News, he said he cannot reveal the details of who the mystery band are, but insisted that it will please a lot of people "of a certain age".

"If you were a teenage boy in the pre-punk '70s you're going to be very excited. Outside of Led Zeppelin, this is probably the biggest reformation you can hope for," he said.

Readers of Uncut have been speculating on who the band could be on the magazine's blog, with names mooted including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, THE FACES, MOTT THE HOOPLE and ELO.

Meanwhile, Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose is rumoured to be trying to put the original line-up of the band back together for a tour next year.

02/12/2008 11:27:05