Led Zeppelin fans may be disappointed by news that Robert Plant is to tour with Alison Krauss rather than going back on the road with his newly reformed band.

The pair have announced plans for a European tour in the spring, followed by concerts in the US during the summer.

The tour, which begins in Birmingham, will include concerts in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Belgium.

Many of The Rock band's fans have been hoping for an announcement that they will go on tour following their successful reunion show at the O2 Arena on December 10th.

According to the BBC, a number of fans have expressed their disappointment on LED ZEPPELIN'S official website.

Plant and Krauss released an album, RAISING SANDS, together in October.

It reached number two in the American Billboard chart.

Guitarist JIMMY PAGE has made it known that he would like a full-blown LED ZEPPELIN tour.

There has been speculation that the band may play some other large gigs, possibly at Madison Square Garden in New York or at Glastonbury.

Meanwhile, singer PAULO NUTINI has revealed that he would like JIMMY PAGE to produce his next album.

The singer, who supported LED ZEPPELIN on Monday, told the Daily Star: "You have all these people on your wish list and JIMMY PAGE is definitely on mine.

"Getting someone that's enthusiastic about your music is the main thing. It's better to have someone like that produce your record than the trendy hitmakers," he added.

14/12/2007 13:15:37