Led Zeppelin have ''never been complacent''.

The British rockers - formed of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones - insist they have never been smug about their own music and are always ''dedicated'' to working as hard as they can, especially when they recorded their iconic 1972 album 'Houses of the Holy', which shot to number one on both sides of the Atlantic.

Robert recalled: ''I don't think Led Zeppelin was ever complacent. By the time we got to [our next album] 'Houses of the Holy', there was a conscientious air about Jimmy's work.''

The musician had thoroughly prepared possible songs before they hit the recording studio and Jimmy was impressed with his bandmate's ability to think outside the box, with ideas such as their track 'The Song Remains The Same' flowing into their second track 'The Rain Song'.

Although the record received mixed reviews, Jimmy is proud of the finished piece and doesn't worry about what others may think.

He added: ''Robert had different ideas. He said, 'This is pretty good. Better get some lyrics - quick!'

''So there's some buggers who don't like [the album]. Good luck to 'em. I like it, and a few thousand other buggers too.''