Led Zeppelin star Jason Bonham was thrilled to get another chance to honour his father, the band's original drummer JOHN BONHAM - because he wasn't prepared for his last supergroup show. The rockers reformed for secret rehearsals this summer (07), and Bonham admits he feared the group would sound rusty after years spent apart - but the get together was an emotional and musical success. And he's glad he turned up ready to rock this time after playing poorly with his late father's former bandmates when he joined them for a set at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary Concert in New York in 1998. Bonham, who is now Foreigner's full-time drummer, reveals his performance at that reunion was lazy and he's keen to make amends when the supergroup performs at the Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert later this month (Dec07) in London. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I took it for granted... and didn't do my homework." Singer Robert Plant admits he too was a little disappointed with Bonham's attitude and performance at the 1998 show. He explains, "When Jason was younger and more juvenile, he thought (playing in Zeppelin) was a hereditary situation. But now, Jason knows that not only is he the right guy for this... he's changing it." Bassist John Paul Jones adds, "Jason has an encyclopedic recall of every live bootleg and studio outtake."