Led Zeppelin fans often put a lot of pressure on drummer Jason Bonham - because they think he's the next best thing to seeing his late father JOHN onstage.
Bonham, who teamed up with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones for the supergroup's fabled one-off reunion in London in 2007, is now touring North America with the Led Zeppelin Experience and he admits some fans are turning the show into a very special event.
He says, "I’ve gotten to talk to a few of the fans that touched me. One guy presented a picture to me - he was a French Canadian from Montreal - and in broken English he told me he spent five days sleeping with his brother outside of the Montreal Forum in 1980 to get LZ tickets.
"When he was at the gates, he was told, 'Sorry, the show isn’t going to happen, John Bonham died this morning.'
"He broke down and said he had waited 30 years to be here. I said, 'Don’t put that pressure on me.' He said, 'I feel like this is the closest I will ever get to Led Zeppelin.'
"That is one of those things that I now say to the fans every night, if I ever had a doubt about whether I should do this or not."