Country star Leann Rimes is grateful her parents were strict with her when she was growing up - because she fears she'd have spent her teen years wearing revealing clothes.

The 22-year-old CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT singer was unlike her fellow teen singers when she first emerged in the music world, as she was never allowed to flash her flesh.

And while she resented it at the time, she's now grateful because she detests the slew of scantily-clad singers dominating the pop world.

She says, "My mom had control over me. That was the thing - I had great parenting and I think that's important.

"I mean, yes, your kids are influenced (by what they see on TV), but at the end of the day you have to have control over your kids. You have to be the strongest influence.

"For me, growing up, I wanted to be sexy, I wanted to do that thing. I'm glad no one let me. I enjoy doing that now, when it's appropriate and for expressing my womanhood. But not when I was a young child.

"My mom and my record company really had a say-so in that. I fought it sometimes but ultimately my parents had the last say in it."

27/01/2005 09:39