Leann Rimes fears fans will never "accept" her romance with Eddie Cibrian because it started as an extra-marital affair.
Rimes fell in love with the actor on the set of TV movie Northern Lights in 2008 and began an affair that broke up both their marriages.
They are both now divorced and their relationship is going strong, but Rimes is worried the public perception of the romance as a tawdry affair will never change.
She tells ABC's Robin Roberts, "You have two couples whose marriages didn't work. We stumbled upon each other and fell in love. Never was I thinking of hurting someone. I can't change minds. Nothing I'm going to say is going to change it. I do know that and I have accepted that...
"The truth is that we're human beings. We make mistakes and we learn from them, but we're human. We fell in love. We're talking about something that's over a year, year-and-a-half old, really and we're still together and we're madly in love. And I think people are finally seeing that, but it doesn't mean that people will accept it or the tabloids will stop trying to print lies and try to tear us apart or tear us down. We're really happy in what we feel privately."