Country music star Leann Rimes is campaigning for a cause close to her own heart - helping fellow eczema sufferers.

The CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT hitmaker, 23, developed the agonising skin condition as a child and knows how badly it can affect people's confidence.

By the age of six almost her entire body was covered in eczema and the worried youngster would wear long sleeves and trousers all year round to stop others from seeing it.

Rimes' trauma has prompted her to get involved in US campaign Treat Eczema Now, as a role model for fellow sufferers.

She says, "I was diagnosed with eczema when I was two years old and having to cover it up in front of millions really lowered my self-esteem.

"It can be really mentally uncomfortable and challenging. It's such a hard thing to deal with when you're a child.

"I've already heard from several doctors of how kids are coming up saying, 'Oh LeAnn Rimes has this, so it's okay now.'

"That's why I'm doing it. I wish there had been someone like me that was able to speak out about it when I was that age."