Leann Rimes thinks there is a ''stigma'' attached to being a step-mother.

The 33-year-old singer, who has two step-sons with her husband Eddie Cibrian, has bemoaned the situation and claimed it is especially hard for musicians to open up about the issue.

She said: ''There's such a stigma around step-moms - it doesn't get talked about very much, especially in music.''

However, LeAnn revealed that her new ballad 'Love Lines' was inspired by her step-sons, Mason and Jake.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''My love for them inspired it.

''It's about how you're bonded by a love line, not a bloodline.''

Last month, meanwhile, LeAnn revealed she is on good terms with Brandi Glanville after she infamously had an affair with actor Eddie in 2009 when he was still married to Brandi.

The blonde star admitted it had been a ''rough road'' in the subsequent seven years, saying it was something she wouldn't ''wish on anyone''.

When asked if she and the former model are on amicable terms, she replied: ''Um, yeah, at the moment! Ha ha. It's been a rough road.

''I do not recommend it or wish it on anyone. My confidence got knocked down a lot and I had to find my way back.''

LeAnn also confessed she never had ''freedom'' to act like a child because she was financially supporting her family from the age of 11.

She said: ''[I was] in the spotlight with all eyes on me since I was a child. I never had the freedom to be a kid. By 11 I was everyone's job.

''It was so quick. You go from nought to sixty, having a demo and then being a household name, within days.

''I never just had normal-kid experiences. I was out working and had all these responsibilities: 60, 70 people on the road with me by the time I was 14. I was always surrounded by adults. It was odd.''