Leann Rimes rehab rumors have proved to be wide of the mark, although she is dealing with a "severe" inability to cope with anxiety and stress. Leann Rimes was initially said to have checked into a non-traditional rehab facility to work on "drug and eating disorder problems", though this is inaccurate.
According to Tmz.com, Rimes is simply working on coping strategies for her anxiety after going into "meltdown mode" after a group of people became "upset" about her relationship with Eddie Cibrian. The details of this are sketchy, though it is understood that a hate group went after the singer on Twitter. Sources say she is now in a facility that teaches people how to handle stress and adversity - she is free to leave on weekends, something that definitely doesn't happen in rehabilitation. Also, she's allowed to use the phone at any time, another no-no in a traditional rehabilitation facility. LeAnn will be heading home this weekend, with insiders telling people that she already feels stronger.
A day after entering the facility, the singer filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against two women who she claims bullied her online. Rimes, 30, wants Kimberly Riley and another woman to pay damages for allegedly recording her during a television conversation last Spring and subsequently posting excerpts online.