Leann Rimes ''loves'' her alone time.

The 35-year-old singer has a busy household with her husband Eddie Cibrian and her two step-sons Mason, 15, and Jake, 11 - whom Eddie has with his ex-wife Brandi Glanville - and has said that whilst she used to hate being alone, her energetic family have taught her the importance of spending quality time on her own.

She said: ''I used to hate being by myself. I love it now. I adore it. I have two step-sons. They're 15 and 11. So there's a lot of energy in the house. My wonderful husband just finished a show in Vancouver, so we've been traveling a lot back and forth, and I'm always on the road. So when I actually get some time to myself, I'm a big meditator.''

Although the 'How Do I Live' hitmaker now appreciates ''quiet time'' by herself, she never wants it to last for too long as she misses her boisterous home life when she's away for more than a week.

She added to Us Weekly magazine: ''I love quiet time. I'm one of those people that [is] very sensitive to energy, and there's always something going on around me. So I've had to learn actually how to decompress and be alone. Since I was little, I've always had so many people around me. So I actually really enjoy it now. But obviously, if I'm out for a week, then I'm like, 'OK, I'm ready to go home.'''

LeAnn's home might already be a riot with two energetic boys running around, but it could be set to get even busier in the future, as the 'Can't Fight the Moonlight' singer recently revealed she would like to have children of her own with Eddie.

When asked about having children, she said: ''Maybe one day. I mean, I love my stepkids and I get plenty on my plate with them. So, I'm cool at the moment.''