Singer Leann Rimes has lost a close friend in a plane crash.

The Blue hitmaker took to her page to share the sad news with followers, but she stopped short of naming the pal who was killed in the accident.

She writes, "Just found out a friend died in a plane crash... life gets put into serious perspective. It's a very sad day. They have 2 young boys 18 months apart. The youngest is 8 months and... the wife is 27."

Rimes was also quick to brush off one user who posted an embarrassing photo of the star accidentally exposing her breast while adjusting her trousers at a Hollywood event the night before (12Dec12).

She tweeted, "You have no idea... So I had to fix my pants, (it was) one pic. My friends are dying in plane crashes, I'm focused on other things."

The sad news is just the latest drama in the singer's life, whose bitter feud with her husband Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife recently hit new heights when Brandi Glanville questioned her parenting skills after claiming her young son had fallen ill after mistaking one of Rimes' laxative pills for candy.