Leann Rimes listens to Beyoncé to feel ''empowered''.

The 33-year-old 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' hitmaker has admitted she plays 'Don't Hurt Yourself, which features Jack White, to make her feel more confident and upbeat, although she also ''loves'' listening to X Ambassadors track 'Renegades.

Speaking about her go-to song, which immediately uplifts her, the blonde beauty said: ''That's a hard one. I love 'Renegades' by X Ambassadors and I also love Beyoncé's 'Don't Hurt Yourself' with Jack White. When I feel empowered, I listen to that song.''

And LeAnn has revealed she tries to be a ''positive'' light, and likes to pass on her happiness to her fans via motivational posts on social media.

She explained: ''Personally, I come from this place where I've been judged and shamed and it gave me this whole different outlook on human beings. I'm very aware of the judgement and hatred just in everyday life, so I try to be a positive light and give that love.

''On my Instagram account I do this thing called 'chalk talk' where I post my favourite quotes, and people are so into it.''

However, the 'How Do I Live' powerhouse - who is married to 'Sunset Beach' actor Eddie Cibrian and is the stepmother to his two sons Jake, nine, and Mason, 13, who he had with his ex-wife Brandi Glanville - has admitted her stepchildren taught her to enjoy life.

She explained to Very.co.uk magazine: ''They [The children] were two and six when I met them, but they were so much fun. It's been great. I learnt how to lighten up and enjoy things and that's been really good for me. At the ned of the day, it's all about my family - us bonding and doing the healthiest things we can do together.''