Leann Rimes felt ''liberated'' writing her new album.

The 30-year-old singer has been targeted by husband Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville since they got together in 2009, and LeAnn finally feels she has ripped off the ''tape'' over her mouth with the music on 'What Have I Done'.

Speaking on British TV show 'Loose Women' today (15.03.13), LeAnn explained: ''I wrote nine of the 13 songs on the record. It's personal but at the same time I feel like I'm not the only one that has been through what I've been through.

''I'm telling my story. I feel like there's been a piece of tape over my mouth for a while, you know growing up in this business is a weird way to grow up and you try to please everyone else and this time around I feel like I've nothing to lose by telling the truth. And it felt very liberating.''

Brandi has never forgiven Eddie and LeAnn for embarking on an affair behind the backs of he and the country musician's husband Dean Sheremet.

One song on the LP which captures the situation between LeAnn and Brandi - who has sons Mason, nine, and five-year-old Jake with Eddie - is her track 'Borrowed', which discusses the not-so-''pretty'' side of the situation.

When asked how it felt to pour her emotions into her songs, LeAnn - who is to perform at the 'C2C: Country to Country' music festival at The O2 arena in London at the weekend - replied: ''It was [a relief] and I'd never really actually set out to do that on the record, it's just how it started to come out.

''My single 'Borrowed' is kind of takes an in-depth look into that situation and it wasn't pretty. And I think it was so honest to that song that it kind of opened up a door.

''Nothing is off limits on this album and it's opened up a door for me as an artist in so many ways just to be that honest and real.''