The Can't Fight the Moonlight singer is gearing up to release her new album, her first record of fresh material since 2013, with her new label RCA Records. LeAnn admits she never felt free to make honest music with her previous independent label Curb, so she has been trying to figure out who she is with her new songs.

"I was at my previous label for 20 years, and now being with RCA, I have no restraints, so I'm trying to figure out where I am authentically at this moment," LeAnn tells "I never had the freedom to truly create exactly what I wanted. A lot of my songs, ever since, I have been writing really honestly, and things have gone more in that direction."

For LeAnn, her new songwriting process has been enlightening as it has helped her realise new things about herself. She says, "These are things that people don't know about me. It was very cathartic. As you get older, you realise that you are not the only person in the world that goes through these things. It is a huge responsibility and gift."

The singer had a difficult few years following her split from her husband Dean Sheremet in 2009 after she had an affair with her now-husband Eddie Cibrian. She fell out of public grace and the anxiety and stress she felt during that time led to a stint in rehab in 2012.

LeAnn has now accepted what happened and is ready to move on, adding, "I feel really settled with that part of my life. I am never closing that door. I can wrap it up in a beautiful package and really appreciate it, and now move on to the next chapter."

She married Eddie in 2011 and is stepmother to his two kids from his marriage to reality star Brandi Glanville.