Leann Rimes has agreed to donate some of her clothes to a female fan with financial problems.

The singer-and-actress - who is engaged to actor Eddie Cibrian - revealed earlier this week she was spending time clearing out her closet and was amazed at how long the task took her.

She tweeted: "Three solid hrs of closet organization. The shoes... they're everywhere. Even on the back if the door... all organized though! The shelves are three rows deep under the bags! Everyone has a vice... mine are shoes and handbags. (sic)"

After reading her message, Peggy Joyce made an appeal to the singer, explaining she is struggling to raise her toddler son and has little cash left over for luxuries.

She tweeted: "Anything u want to donate to me? Lost job and have a 16 month old. Bad year... Only one income coming in and extra money goes to son."

LeAnn, 28, quickly responded and much to Peggy's amazement, agreed to send her some items and even pay for the shipping costs.

She posted: "DM me your address and sizes... if they match I'll send you some things. I'll take care of it.(sic)"

Peggy replied, saying: "Thanks!! My lil guy Connor... He's 16 months now... He thanks you too! So sweet of you!! (sic)"