Leann Rimes broke down in tears on a US television show yesterday after discussing her troubled relationship with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian. The 28-year-old country singer appeared on the ABC show 'All Access Nashville', and spoke to host ROBIN ROBERTS about her difficult few months, reports the UK's Daily Mail.
Roberts asked Rimes what her lowest point was, to which the musician replied, 'Which one? 37-year-old American actor Cibrian was still married to his wife Brandi Glanville when the actor met Rimes on the set of a movie in Canada - and he also appeared on the show, sitting behind his girlfriend. When asked what attracted him to the singer, Cibrian said, "We played catch right away and I knew she was the one because she almost tore my hand off." After further questioning about the relationship, Rimes said, "You're going to make me cry", before becoming teary.
The interview, set to air on ABC News on November 10th, follows controversy after Rimes had graced a recent cover of 'Shape Magazine'. However, its editor had been forced to apologise to readers after it was reported that they had taken exception to a 'husband stealer' featuring in the issue.