Leann Rimes feels ''blessed'' to have her stepsons in her life.

The singer loves being around husband Eddie Cibrian's children, Mason, nine, and five-year-old Jake - his kids with ex-wife Brandi Glanville - and although it's not always easy, she wouldn't change it for the world.

She said: ''I love them to death and we have a great relationship. I'm blessed to have them in my life; broken families are not easy, it takes a while to get your footing, but they've always been very accepting of me. I met them when they were two and six so they've known me a while now and we're finally finding our way as a family. I love hanging out with them, they're a lot of fun. I play referee a lot - a five year old playing baseball is the cutest thing in the world.''

While she loves the boys, LeAnn says she and Eddie would also like children of their own.

She admitted to Britain's OK! magazine: ''We've talked about having kids of our own. I've always admired working moms because they have it tough. I already have two children around half the time so we have our hands full but we talk about it often so we'll see what happens. We would love to, but it's all about the right timing.''