Country star Leann Rimes is so fed up of being upstaged by her ever-immaculate husband, she's asked one of the stars of QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY for beauty tips.

The sexy singer admits her dancer husband Dean Sheremet always manages to look better presented than she does, so she's turned to Carson Kressley for advice.

She asks, "What do you do if your guy dresses better than you? When my husband and I go out to breakfast, I'm in sweats and he looks hot, wearing his best!"

In his weekly column in American magazine US WEEKLY, Kressley responds, "You're right LeAnn - that husband of yours is a hottie! But it sounds like he might be overdressing for the occasion. Maybe you need to go shopping and pick out casual looks that work well together.

"Just don't co-ordinate too much because when couples start dressing alike... hello, warning signs!"

29/01/2004 18:16