Lea Seydoux does not find American men sexy.

The 31-year-old French actress has suggested she would be open to the idea of dating a man from United States, but she thinks they are prone to spending ''too much time at the gym''.

Asked if she would date an American man, she explained: ''Yeah, of course, why not? But I don't find them very ... there is something not so sexy about American men. They are too self-conscious and they spend too much time at the gym.''

Lea's family are part of the French establishment - but she believes that her privileged background has held her back in some respects.

She told Esquire magazine: ''In France, it's hard to become someone on your own. Even if you're a superstar, they will always say, 'Yeah, but you come from that world.' It's difficult to have ambition if you live in Paris.''

Despite her enviable upbringing, Lea - who starred in the most-recent James Bond movie, 'Spectre' - was introspective as a youngster and would even ponder whether life was worth living.

The actress, who is now well-known on both sides of the Atlantic, shared: ''When I was young, I was so scared of death. It was like I was in a kind of depression. I didn't know if life was worth living, and now I think that yes, it is.''