Lea Michele is addicted to reality television.

The 25-year-old 'Glee' actress - who is rumoured to be dating co-star Cory Monteith - admits she likes to unwind from her 17-hour working days by watching whatever real-life shows she can find.

She said: ''I come home every single night and watch reality TV with my cat.

''I will literally watch anything, from 'Hoarders' to 'Say Yes to the Dress'. Anything like that. I just think that sort of mindless entertainment really will get your mind off anything that's going on in your life.''

But despite being a self-confessed ''homebody'', Lea insists she does have a secret wild side.

She told Prestige Hong Kong magazine: ''I do have 14 tattoos. I'd say for the most part I'm a very outgoing person. I have a lot of energy. I love being around people. I'm an energetic, spontaneous person. But the wild stuff ... if it's there, it's private.

Having previously described herself as an ''unconventional beauty'', she admits it feels ''awesome'' to have appeared on Maxim magazine's 'Hot 100' girls list.

She said: ''That's really cool. I think that it's an honour. I still sort of don't see myself in that way. But why not? I think it's really cool that people see me as being that kind of sexy person. I see it as just sort of a side of me.

''I was definitely never considered sexy before. The great thing about 'Glee' is that it has opened up so many doors for me to just show people that true beauty, inner beauty and whatever uniqueness your external beauty really is, is accepted and is cool and is what makes you unique.''