Lea Michele has warned her former boyfriends could get ''Taylor Swifted'' in her music.

The 30-year-old singer-and-actress - who was previously in a relationship with late actor Cory Monteith and most recently dated Matthew Paetz and Robert Buckley - is always ''honest'' with her lyrics and her own personal life is a source of inspiration, much like the 'Blank Space' hitmaker.

Discussing her new album, 'PLACES', she told talk show host Ellen Degeneres: ''I'm in a very positive place in my life, but of course, love has its ups and downs, and there's a few of those breakup songs on the album.

''For me, my music is my time to be honest, so be careful dating a singer or you might get Taylor Swifted. There you go, then there's a song about you out there.''

And the brunette beauty insisted it ''doesn't matter'' if fans can't tell who her songs are about, so long as the sources of her inspiration recognise themselves.

Asked if fans will know who the break-up tracks are about, she said: ''It doesn't matter, as long as the person listening to it knows who [he] is.''

The 'Scream Queens' star has been sharing a 'bed series' of images on her Instagram account in recent months, and has had to warn her dad about the racy content as her attire has grown increasingly skimpy.

She said of the pictures: ''Mario Testino has the towel series. He has celebrities taking pictures in towels, so I did my lamer version, the bed series, of travelling all the time and being in different beds.

''It started sort of simple, and then it became more and more naked. And more and more calls to my dad having to explain to him what he might see.''