Lea Michele almost poisoned Cory Monteith with her cooking.

The 'Glee' star says she tried to impress her boyfriend - who also plays her love interest on the hit TV show - with her skills in the kitchen by whisking up a Croque Madame, but the eggs on top of the cheese and ham toastie weren't properly cooked.

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', Lea said: ''I love to cook so much. Maybe I think I might be better than I am because I cooked something for my boyfriend Cory Monteith the other day and I don't think he really liked it.

''I made him a little breakfast of my version of an Italian Croque Madame, but I think the eggs were off and not cooked. It wasn't very good, but he was a good sport!''

Despite her kitchen mishaps, the warbling beauty has always dreamed of being a TV chef, but thinks her potty mouth would get her in trouble.

Lea joked: ''I've always a wanted to have a cooking show because I love to cook and to eat. Because I'm Italian and we curse all the time when we talk, I just don't think it would last. I'd be like, 'This pasta's just so bleeping good - I just can't stop eating it!' ''