The former Glee star admits she will sometimes miss a workout session because of her busy schedule, but she is motivated to stick to her regimen because she plans her workouts with her pals and refuses to cancel.

"I work out with friends often and I hate bailing on my friends," she tells People magazine. "If I make a plan, I don't like to cancel it, so I always work out with a buddy and it helps me to be accountable. You just feel so good after you work out."

She also uses food as another motivation to workout.

"Knowing that I can eat whatever I want afterward always makes me feel good!" she continues. "I need a goal at the end of anything that I do. At the end, there's this great place that I'm going to to get the most delicious salad or sushi!"

Lea recently tried going vegan and completed a dieting cleanse to help her maintain her physique, and she claims it has done wonders for her body.

"I just did vegan for the past four weeks and I did an amazing cleanse, the Beaming cleanse," she says. "That's my new favorite. I did it for a week and I feel great. My skin looks amazing and I've been sleeping really well."

And although Lea is strict about her fitness routine and diet, she insists she is not trying to change her shape.

"Working out for me isn't just about changing my body or making myself look thin - it's about feeling good," she adds.