Lea Michele has refused to change her body - despite facing pressure on social media.

The 31-year-old actress loves going to the gym, but insists her desire to remain trim is purely for her own benefit, rather than the numerous people who have suggested she should alter her body shape to conform to industry standards.

The former 'Glee' star shared: ''I'm proud that I never really changed my body for anyone else.

''I think that I've always been told, and we're always told, especially nowadays with social media and everything, that you have to look a certain way, and I really just honoured my uniqueness. I believe that's really helped me get to where I am today.''

Lea lives in an environment that allows her to exercise outdoors.

And as well as bettering her health, the brunette beauty also believes that her commitment to fitness improves her general wellbeing.

She told Us Weekly: ''What's super easy for me is hiking because I live near some really great trails. I can literally get in my car, drive for less than a minute and be on the top of a mountain 20 minutes later.

''It is so spiritually incredible as well as physically - I look for workouts that have to be also good for my spirit as much as they are for my body. I can't be at a gym with crazy music playing and people looking at themselves in the mirror.''

Lea revealed she turns to exercise as a means of improving her state of mind and escaping her everyday stresses.

The New York-born star explained: ''Anything that you're feeling, working out is the best thing for you. If you're down, working out is good. If you're in a good mood, working out is good!

''It's like, it makes me feel good on all levels. Taking care of myself is the number one priority because I have to be in my best physical and mental shape in order to do my job. And working out is my time.''