Lea Michele claims her old New York City apartment was haunted by a musical ghost.

The 33-year-old actress insisted her ghoulish housemate came to visit her on more than one occasion, as she claims it played tricks on her and sang to her.

Speaking during an appearance on 'A Little Late with Lilly Singh', Lea said: ''I feel like a lot of people say, 'Yes, I saw a ghost,' but I really truly had a ghost in an old apartment that I lived in New York. Like, truly, I swear.

''I'm sitting on the bottom floor of this apartment and I hear this burst from upstairs and I'm like 'Okay, that was really spooky.' It was a windstorm so I'm like, 'The window must have blown open!'

''I go upstairs, nothing; it's silent. Nothing is out of place, I'm alone. And I'm looking at this window and I'm like, 'Ugh, it's all in my head' and just as I said it, the window goes 'Whoosh!' right in front of me.

Lea added: ''And also weirdly, I would hear someone singing in the apartment.''

However, the 'Glee' alum didn't decide to move out of her apartment until the second visit from the supernatural being.

When asked by fellow guest Justin Hartley if the ghost sighting was a ''recurring event'', Lea said: ''Yes, and then I left! I'm like, 'I'm out of here!'''

Show host Lilly followed up to ask why she didn't leave the house right away, and said it was often a trope in horror movies that the victims never move house the minute they see a ghost.

And the 'Scream Queens' star joked that she was just like the naive characters in the movies, as she said: ''Am I that girl? I'm the one? I'm the one that's like, 'We'll wait another day,' and then nope! Bad idea!''