Lea Michele doesn't want to meet her heroes.

The 'Glee' actress - who plays Rachel Berry in the TV musical drama - admits she has been "embarrassed" by her encounters with some famous faces, so is content with never meeting people she admires.

She said: "I've thoroughly embarrassed myself in front of my idols that I have met, so I'm fine with keeping them far away."

Though Lea doesn't worry about meeting her heroes, she would love it if Madonna or Justin Timberlake were given guest roles on the programme.

She said: "It would be great if Madonna had a cameo - she would be amazing! I think she could be the health teacher or something. Maybe the sex-education teacher!

"I'm always saying Justin Timberlake would be great too."

One person who Lea did get to hang out with on the set of the show was Britney Spears, who played herself in an episode last year and the brunette beauty admits she was overwhelmed by their special guest.

She added: "She was amazing. I was a bit star-struck. She was so professional and looked amazing. I had to pinch myself to check that it was actually happening."