Lea Michele says Cory Monteith made ''tons of notes'' for her about her debut album.

The 'Glee' star's late boyfriend - who died of a drugs overdose in July 2013, before any of his girlfriend's music was ever released - helped her decide on a direction for her debut album and made lots of suggestions as to how it should sound.

Speaking about the recording process, she told Us Weekly magazine: ''I'd sit with Cory and we'd jot down tons of notes about things we wanted to change. I was lucky to have such amazing love. This album is the story of my past two years.''

Lea, 27, added singing on 'Glee' really helped her to get ready for her pop career, because they recorded so many versions of other people's songs for the show.

She added: ''I've been singing since I was eight, but I really got hooked on the studio from 'Glee'. We've recorded 600 numbers now. I was ready.''

After Cory's untimely passing, Lea went back and recorded one final song, 'You're Mine', which is dedicated to the actor.

Writing about the track on Twitter, she posted: ''#YOUREMINE is my favorite song on #LOUDER. It's so special to me & its story is so close to my heart. (sic)''