Lea Michele wears her mother's clothes.

The 24-year-old actress - best known for playing Rachel Berry in US musical drama series 'Glee' - prefers to wear comfortable garments and admits her mum Edith is one of her biggest style icons.

She told LOOK magazine: "I like to feel comfortable. There's nothing worse than feeling like something doesn't quite fit.

"I share a lot of clothes with my mum because we are the same size. We share sweaters and jackets a lot.

"My mum has great style. I always follow her lead."

However, Lea is happy to shed her less fashionable clothing when it comes to red carpet events, particularly for gowns created by her favourite designer.

She said: "I've worn some beautiful Oscar De La Renta dresses recently."

The slender actress also admitted she does little to keep in shape because the strenuous performance routines in 'Glee' keep her trim.

She said: "'Glee' is a great work out! But I like to do yoga and ride my bike."