Starring in GLEE has cured actress Lea Michele of the crippling insecurity she suffered before finding fame.
The star struggled with her self image as a wannabe actress, and her troubles were further compounded when she was turned down for numerous acting roles and told she wasn't pretty enough to be onscreen.
She even considered undergoing cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance - but the 24 year old is happy she didn't go under the knife, because her success in the TV hit has turned her life around and helped her accept the way she looks.
Michele tells Marie Claire magazine, "Glee has made me feel beautiful. Now when people say that I don't feel like they're lying.
"Glee has shown me that I am beautiful, that I can be beautiful no matter what I look like, what my weight is.
"I grew up in a community where what I looked like wasn't considered beautiful and then I work on this show that proves it doesn't matter what you look like, that you're beautiful and that beauty is on the inside. So, yeah, I'm thankful."