Lawson's Debut Album 'Chapman Square' Out Now!

Lawson's Debut Album 'Chapman Square' Out Now!

After the incredible successes of Lawson's debut single 'When She Was Mine' and 'Taking Over Me' reaching No.4 and No.3 in the singles chart respectively.

'Chapman Square' is so named after Andy's flat where Lawson came together and wrote most of the songs on the album. This is where the guys spent many of their early days as a band and recorded their very first YouTube videos that landed them a record deal in June 2011. This is the same address that he lived in with his long term ex-girlfriend; a prominent relationship in Andy's life that inspired most of the songs making up the album.

Adam says:

"We're really excited to be announcing our debut album, 'Chapman Square'. The name means so much to us because it's where we really came together as a band. We wrote a lot of the songs we've chosen for the album there and it's where it all kicked it off for us with our YouTube sessions. We all used to crash at Andy's at Chapman Square when we first came to London, it's where Andy was living with his girlfriend at the time, who a number of the songs were actually written about. It was a really important time for us and now we can't wait for everyone to hear it!"

The pop-rock guitar band have had an incredible first year with their two top five singles and an amazing spread of festivals this summer. Lawson have had scorching performances at T4 On The Beach, Hard Rock Calling, T In The Park and finishing up with a packed out performance at V Festival as the finale to the festival season. All of this before their Hometowns Tour coming up through this October and November and finishing up with their biggest headline show to date at Koko, November 6th.

'Chapman Square' has been long awaited by both Lawson and their fans, with #LawsonAlbumReveal trending worldwide on twitter in the build up to this announcement. Having written over one hundred songs together, the band have finally selected the twelve track debut album to continue a fantastic and exciting year for Lawson.