Veteran British actor PETER O'TOOLE isn't prepared to enter retirement just yet because he still has the mind of "a 21-year-old". The Lawrence Of Arabia star, 74, recently showed old age is no obstacle to career success when he garnered his eighth Academy Award nomination this week (begs22JAN07) for his role in VENUS. Although admitting his advancing years has forced him to cut back on some hobbies, O'Toole is adamant being a pensioner is no reason to slow down completely. He says, "I quite like being old. I've said this before and I'll repeat it: Yes, I'm 74 years old, but in here (his head) quite a lot of the time and in many instances, I'm 21. Nothing has changed, nothing has changed. "And then I realise it's not too wise to climb that tree. And I can't play my beloved cricket anymore. I'm getting more and more used to my limitations, and enjoying them."