Laverne Cox didn't want to date Kyle Draper because he wasn't tall enough.

The 'Orange is the New Black' actress has been dating the record company boss for a year and though they had a ''connection'', she was hesitant about getting involved with him because she preferred to be with guys who made her feel ''demure and feminine''.

She admitted: ''f I'm being really real, it was about my ego.

''When I dated men who were taller than me, it made me feel demure, it made me feel more feminine and all that stuff. None of that is about a real connection with someone. It's about how we might look together in a photo, about superficial s**t.''

Laverne admitted her feelings about height stemmed from not feeling comfortable with herself and being told she was unattractive, but now she is happy to own the fact she is ''sexy'' and doesn't listen to the negativity.

She told Self magazine: ''I wanted a man to validate my womanhood or validate that I'm attractive...I'm not buying it anymore. I'm not buying into that, I'm not having it.

''I'm sexy and I'm going to own that because I think trans women...are sexy. A lot of us are sexy not despite our transness, but because of our transness. That's just the truth.''

Laverne has faced criticism for dating a white guy but the 46-year-old star insisted she would never ''limit'' herself and is just interested in making a ''connection'' with someone.

She said: ''It's rough out there when you're a black woman. And then you add being trans to that, girl, you can't be limited. I don't think you should limit yourself.

''I'm going where it's warm and I'm going where there's a connection. That's not about race, you know?''